How it works

Using the TOKYO STARTER KIT lets you explore Tokyo cleverly and efficiently.

It allows you to hop on and off the subway and buses, making you a smart traveler.
Whether you need help planning or run into some unexpected problem, the TOKYO STARTER KIT is always there for you.

Note: The CHIKA TOKU offers listed in this guidebook are valid as of March 2019. Please understand that the details are subject to change without prior notice.

Make the most of your day in Tokyo!
All-access one-day plan


  • Transportation

If something happens···


  • Mobile Apps
  • Medical and safety
    related service
  • In case of injury or illness

    If you suffer an injury or fall ill, we can recommend a medical institution based on your symptoms.

  • If you lose something

    Lost your credit card or passport? We will help you over the phone.

  • In case of an emergency

    The app uses location data to provide emergency information and guides you to the nearest shelter.

Medical and safety-related service

The service includes support for various situations you may face during your travel. Support is provided for up to 72 hours, from 12am of the day following your purchase of the TOKYO STARTER KIT.

Note: If you leave Japan before the 72 hours run out, support is provided until the time of your departure.
This service is provided by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.

The service is useful in situations such as the following:

  • Illness or injury
  • Language-related trouble
  • Loss or theft of credit card or passport

Examples of services provided

  • 1. Cashless Medical Service

    Recommends a hospital based on your injury or symptoms.
    Because the insurance company covers your medical expenses directly, you are eligible to receive treatment for up to ¥5 million without having to pay anything yourself.

  • 2. Over-the-phone translation

    Over-the-phone translation (in English, Chinese and Korean) is helpful when receiving treatment at a medical institution.
    This service can also be used at restaurants, hotels and other facilities.

    How to use the services
    • Place a call by tapping the button in the app.

    • You will be asked to provide your name, passport number and other details.

    • Please describe the accident you are in, the symptoms you are experiencing or the situation you are facing.

    • Services will be provided based on the information you have given.

  • 3. Travel Protection

    We offer a wide range of services, including support in case of a lost or stolen passport or credit card, reservations for shuttle service between the airport and your hotel, and assistance for sending messages to your family back home.